While the boss is away, the farmers will play

Last Saturday was the first day at the farm without Philip or Sara, our farm managers, mentors, bosses…let’s just say that they are the ones who really know what’s what around the farm.

In their absence, we turned the compost, weeded the kitchen garden and the perennials around the perimeter and gave tours to two guests: Jon Bauer, an irrigation specialist and avid gardener, and Julie Johnson, a newspaper reporter. At the end of the day, we celebrated our new overalls by filming a music video in the fields. You’ll have to be patient for the big release!

Enjoy some photos that Kassandra and De’Andre took around the farm during a quiet moment.

These are the beds which produce our crops, which with hard work and determination, we will harvest.

This is our home garden, the food that we grow here is just for us.

This is the equipment that we use on the job. We have to be careful because they can be dangerous if you don't use them correctly.

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