Managing Pests at the Farm.

by Guayo & Kasandra

During our day at WOW Farm, we participated in different tasks. One required the removal of garden pests and weeds. We learned that there are tiny insects that are called scale. To get the scale off certain branches, we had to use a toothbrush and our hands. Scales are a pest because they block the sugar from being distributed to the plant and also attract ants.

We also had to loosen up the soil in order to pull out different types of weeds. We learned that crab grass goes into the soil so deep that it takes nutrients from other plants. It chokes the roots of other plants by wrapping its roots around them, which stops the water from going into the plant. The crab grass originates from hell! lol 🙂

We also discovered that we are being occupied by gophers within the farming complex (one even popped its head out of a hole during our meeting). Gophers are a bad sign in the garden. Whack a mole!

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