Business Training

By De’Andre & Casey

We just started having classes at Game Theory again. We are focusing on learning about business plans and we are currently making a mock business plan to help us better understand the concept. We wrote up our own vision and mission statement for WOW Farm. We looked at many examples of mission and vision statements for companies like McDonalds, Disney, Whole Foods, Game Theory Academy, Destiny Arts and even Sara’s own company (All Edibles). We learned the difference between the two statements and that some are more relaxed than others which reflect directly on the type of company it is.

We also learned about the costs for starting up a business, and how the money donated to begin it will depend on how long, how thorough and how detailed your business plan is. Depending on how much someone invests in your business, determines the percentage of the company they will own. We concluded with presenting on certain aspects of a juice bar business that we made up.

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