WOW Farm Visitors

by Kasandra & Casey


Today as we were just finishing our harvest, a neighborhood guy named Drew came to the farm. He asked where he could find affordable straw. He said he was partnered with another guy right across the street and they were going to start a garden. They currently had chickens but wanted to plant some produce. He liked our trellis design for our beans and Guayo had the opportunity to give him a small tour around the farm. He left with a smile and a couple of carrots and was excited to see us around the neighborhood. Drew was an example of people’s interest and curiosity. He was a very cool guy who had some of the same goals as us. Its nice to have people in our community like him. Even the neighborhood kids love to come to the farm and pick some plums for themselves. Sometimes they get greedy though and keep coming back! Haha! But its okay, we love having them. We also pick plums for the neighbors and they enjoy them immensely. We enjoy providing for our community.


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