2012 Team

Youth Associates

Kasandra was born in Oakland and lives with both of her parents. She loves Spanish food. A junior at Met West High School, Kasandra’s goal is to graduate high school and go to college. Her favorite subject is world history, because she likes to learn about the past.


Paul is a senior at Oakland Technical High School. His interests are cooking, reading, playing soccer, and volunteering. Paul wants to major in psychology or sociology or international relations. He joined WOW Farm as an associate because he wanted to get a new experience and this was a way to get more involved in his community. He joined this program to build his leadership skills and be able to learn many new things.

Guayo was born and raised in Oakland. He attends Met West High School and enjoys writing, spoken word, and riding bicycles.

Casey attends Oakland Technical High School. She enjoys rock climbing, playing football and snowboarding. Casey wants to be an architect or structural engineer when she grows up. She is outgoing, creative, and very energetic. She joined WOW Farm to gain experience with business and learn about urban farming and networking.

De’Andre is a senior at Ralph Bunche High School. His favorite thing is to sing, even though he can’t. He enjoys playing video games and hanging out having fun. He also enjoys playing sports and joined WOW Farm to learn more about growing plants.

Ale’ah was born in Berkeley. She has one younger brother and an older sister. A sophomore at Alameda Science & Technology Institute, Ale’ah strives to attend Columbia University and major in political science and peace/conflict resolution. Later, she wants to own her own law firm in New York and become a politician.

Tessa is a junior in high school. Her passions are poetry, horseback riding and ballet. She enjoys singing and is very friendly. Tessa is very excited to be outside and active on WOW Farm, and she likes the idea of giving back to the community. Tessa’s favorite quote is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” because you can never really know what a person has been through until they tell you.

Management Team

Philip Krohn is the founder and director of WOW Farm and has worked to build several projects at the intersection of art, community and environmental action. Philip is a cross-discipline artist. He studied biology at UC Berkeley and art at the School of Visual Arts.

Sara Weihmann is the founder of All Edibles, serves on the board of City Slicker Farms and is a member of the Oakland Food Policy Council. Her ongoing efforts revolve around her belief that an abundant and equitable food system is the most effective leverage point for local ecological and social change. Sara received a Green MBA in Sustainable Enterprise from Dominican University.

Patricia Johnson is the founder and director of Game Theory Academy. Prior to founding GTA, Patricia worked at Pacific News Service/New America Media, where she wrote the business plan for a successful revenue-generating project and launched two youth media programs for at-risk youth. Patricia received an MBA from the Yale School of Management.



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