Produce Associates Fall 2014

Congratulations to our Produce Associates of 2014 for graduating the rigorous WOW Farm Program!

2014-07-12 10.32.41



Tiara wants to be a designer.




2014-07-12 10.33.11



Bilal is a junior in high school. His dream job is to become a fire fighter.




2014-07-12 10.35.04



Ivory is a senior attending the Bay Area Technology School who loves to play basketball.



2014-07-12 10.39.27



Veronica was born and raised in Oakland. She’s an upcoming junior in high school. Her favorite hobbies are riding her bike, yoga, and listening to music. Her favorite tasks on the WOW Farm are weighing out the vegetables/herbs and writing bills for restaurants.



2014-07-12 11.05.30



Terrance is a junior in high school that likes to play the drums and make music.



2014-07-12 10.41.21



Brianne graduated  with the 2014 class. Her favorite color is purple. She currently has a 11 month old son and wants to go to school for music and cosmetology.






Michelle loves baking and going to the beach.




2014-07-12 10.44.48



Shauna was born in China and immigrated to the United States when she was 2 and became a citizen at age 9. She enjoys listening to classical music. When she grows up she wants to move to France to become a mime.


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