WOW Farm

West Oakland Woods (WOW) Farm offers local high school students an opportunity to learn about and operate a small farm business. WOW Farm Youth Associates earn income by growing and selling exceptional organic produce and flowers to local restaurants and markets. WOW Farm is a program of the nonprofit Game Theory Academy.

We are now accepting applications for summer/fall internships!

Download the application here: WOW Farm App Summer-Fall 2015

Applications are due Wednesday, May 20th. Please email inquiries and completed applications to

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This short video about WOW Farm was created by students from Media Enterprise Alliance-KDOL.


6 thoughts on “WOW Farm

  1. I’m a graduate student in Landscape Architecture focusing on the integration of farming and agriculture in urban areas. I was wondering if you might have some reliable literature about your program that I could potentially use for my graduate project. I think what you’re doing is incredibly inspiring and innovative and would love to use WOW Farm as a precedent for my final design. Thank you!

    • Hi Leslie,
      Thanks for your comment and question! What exactly do you mean by reliable literature? Journals or scientific reports? An article was written about the program in the SFGate if that is helpful. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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